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About Michael Kelsheimer

Michael KelsheimerWhile I was clerking for a federal judge straight out of law school, I had the opportunity to work on a lot of employment cases. The facts and complicated issues fascinated me. I carried that fascination into Gray Reed & McGraw at the end of my clerkship, and I have been learning ever since. With more than 160 laws that impact the employment relationship, there is no shortage of things to help clients master.

I know that the cost and expense of litigation make resolving employment disputes a challenge. For that reason, I encourage employers to take proactive steps to prevent or quickly resolve issues. When a dispute cannot be avoided, however, I rely on my time with the U.S. District Court and extensive experiences in employment and commercial lawsuits to secure favorable results for my clients.

Every case and every issue, whether a sophisticated discrimination claim for a Fortune 500 company or the simplest vacation credit problem, could be better resolved with a little common sense and practical perspective. Big companies and individuals are confronted with the economics of recent years and I have worked with both to find the efficient but effective solution to meet their needs. Instead of looking at every case as a gold mine from which I must extract every ounce my client can afford to pay, I try to quickly get at the heart of the problem and determine from the beginning the best and most efficient way to resolve the issue.

After years of practice, I was dumbfounded by the lack of practical advice about employment issues available in books and on the internet. Employers are overwhelmed with technical jargon, underwhelmed with long-winded explanations, or just flat provided incorrect information. That is why I created the Employer Handbook.  It concisely helps employers understand the broad strokes of every day employment issues and hopefully spot concerns that may need to be addressed.

I hope it is helpful to you.


  • Texas Tech University, BA in Economics and Political Science, 1996
  • Baylor Law School, JD, 2000