A jury in an Atlanta Federal Court has determined that a white male was discriminated against according to a recent article by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Plaintiff, former Human Services Deputy Director Doug Carl, filed suit five years ago when he was denied the Human Services Director’s job in favor of a black female.

Fulton County attorney, David Ware, who lost the case was incredulous about the jury’s decision.  According to Ware, who is himself black, Carl lost the job because he “completely blew his interview,” but there was apparently a lot of evidence to the contrary.

The jury heard testimony that County Commissioner Emma Darnell told one employee that there were “too many white boys” in Human Services.  Darnell was further attributed with saying that the new director should be “black and female.”

And, County Manager Tom Andrews admitted calling employees “black marbles” and “white marbles” in hiring decisions.

I regularly lament to clients that white males are the least protected class in America.  The law appears to protect everyone from white men.  I certainly acknowledge that the vast majority of discrimination has been against persons in other protected groups, but white men are becoming much more of a minority in America.  Women outnumber men in college now.  Hispanics in Texas are quickly coming to outnumber whites.

As these demographics change, perhaps white males will come to be a more protected group.   Personally, I just wish we could all get along.