I get this question at least once every couple of weeks.  Recently, however, I finally reduced the list to writing.  So, here is the benefit of my wisdom . . . if you can call it that.  Follow these rules for safe termination:

1. Always have two people in the room. Two recounts of what

As winter approaches and those of us in the Dallas area wonder if we are in for a repeat of last year’s snow storms, employers may start thinking about those days they probably had to close around the time of the Superbowl.  They may wonder if they have to pay employees for those days.  I

I get a call at least once a month from a panicked client who just heard a rumor that they have to give breaks to employees every day. Unfortunately, there is no snopes.com for employment myths, so this almost total fallacy gets perpetuated over and over. In the vast majority of circumstances the answer is: